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On the one hand, we have our local kerbside recycling structure, and on the other - packaging as delivered by retailers. Any lack of compatibility between these means - the environment and/or consumers suffer! PullApart and this survey, Carbon neutral, uniquely addresses this issue.
This is a precision instrument showing the quality of packaging's compatibility for local people kerbside recycling, from the very best to the worst. By surveying many major retail outlets, for many years now, and dismantling over 2000 mixed products into their many component parts. Then empirically grading for both environmental and consumer perspectives, PullApart achieves a unique packaging and kerbside recycling quality measure.
It isn't all about the elimination of packaging! Packaging used intelligently, is good for us by - physical protection and product life extension. It can even be environmentally friendly! Its all about material choices and a willingness to change - near zero waste!
PullApart considers the very best packaging for local people as: 100% easy kerbside recyclable, with no fiddling or hassles, and one recycling bin disposal! This might read like child's play but, under the surface – its a really tough acid test, currently only a small % of product's achieve this! And, Teignbridge is one of the best recyclers/composters in the UK!
What can and can not be locally kerbside recycled largely defines PullApart's environmental perspective, that of local rules - Teignbridge District Council's, just graded for local consumers – easy kerbside recycling.
The dismantled packaging information, over our three local collection systems are made freely available to local people, assisting in kerbside recycling education.
Whilst this survey appears local, in the absence of any unified UK recycling structure and packaging designed to this standard, its probably, indicative of the rest of the UK, and beyond!

 Over 2000 packages are dismantled.
 This is a kerbside Packaging Survey.
 Database is fully user searchable.
 Which bins/boxes/sacks for this one?
 Recyclable parts not listed elsewhere.
 Some plastics aren't as stated on box!
 Some plastics aren't stated at all!
 Probably, a world's 1st of its kind.
 Dismantles packaging into our bins/boxes/sacks.
 Parts are colour coded to our bins/boxes/sacks.
 13 stages of traffic light grading, PAC©.
 What's the best/worst packaging for us?
 Use a mobile/iPad to check packaging(shopping).
 Less landfill means - less Greenhouse gases!
 With help, can be applied almost anywhere!
 *NEW* Kerbside Recycling Potency Calculator.

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Teignbridge District Council Area

Teignbridge has currently, three known kerbside refuse collection operations. Please, choose the PullApart survey for your kerbside collection operation:

What's better for us or worse, try our calculator and find out!

Kerbside Recycling Potency Calculator. Considering Zero Waste? Test the effectiveness of packaging and your kerbside recycling collection system. Easy green packaging, residual waste to landfill, household population, number of bins, collection frequency even outside temperature and infestation, all computed to a single metric quality value - PAScore.
Click4PotencyCalculator.     Feel free to use and enjoy.

Whilst this calculator's defaults are set for Teignbridge, with a little effort, it can be applied to any bin, box and bag collection system worldwide.

This in-depth survey (maintained now for over 7 years), disappointingly finds that only 3% of all packaging is the very best for local people, easy kerbside recycling!

Showcase: Local found materials artist.
- Jane Perkins BA(Hons)(First) -
Made in China the Union Jack Pearl Earring
Showcase: Local artist using recycled materials.
- Madeline Bunyan BA(Hons) -
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Recycling is complex, PullApart mirrors this complexity.

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